Terrarium with dimensions of 60x45x60cm for chameleon, frogs, snake, turtle, agama

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Terrarium 60x45x60cm REPTI ZOO




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The product was made in cooperation with experienced breeders of tropical and desert animals and scientists from the department of zoology studying amphibians and reptiles. 
Terraria from the RK series meet a variety of environmental requirements for breeding animals from different corners of the world, taking into account their needs and taking care of their health.
They have a number of amenities, proven solutions and innovative ideas, thanks to which Repti-Zoo terrariums stand out from the competition's products, primarily aesthetics and natural appearance, as well as durability and ease of use.

Here are just some of the most important features of the product:

The terrarium is the only one on the market that is partially dismantled, which guarantees delivery "in full", even with the careless work of courier company employees. Assembling a terrarium takes little time and is extremely simple. Once the terrarium is erected, it can be dismantled again at any time and secured for transport while reducing the amount of storage space occupied.

During the assembly of the terrarium, its individual elements can be adapted to the needs of the user. 
E.g. mount the side mesh in an invisible place, place a large cable culvert close to the outlet, etc.
The freedom of permutation is considerable, thanks to which the tank meets a wide range of needs.

The bottom of the terrarium is waterproof, allowing you to build a terrarium partially flooded or with high humidity. 
It prevents the spillage of liquids and the loss of loose substrates. This part is supplied in full - built and glued together by the manufacturer.

The top cover of the terrarium is a steel mesh resistant to high temperatures and rust. This net is completely removable, which facilitates access to the inside of the terrarium. At the same time, it is secured with special locks, preventing even the strongest pet from escaping. The mesh provides excellent gas exchange additionally protects the pet from getting burned in the event of contact with the heating lamp.

The cable grommet, unlike competing products, is designed for terrarium, not office. It has small tabs for wires, eliminating the unprotected outlet from the terrarium. The entire culvert is removable, so you can easily carry the plug tip into the electrical outlet without using force or cutting off the plug .
In the lid there are additional cable bushings, secured with special plugs, so that even the smallest worm can not escape from the terrarium in case of not using additional outlets for cables.

Each Terrarium from the RK series has a lock with a key mounted on the door. This is a standard protection against accidental opening of the door by a pet. At the same time, it prevents undesirable people from accessing the interior of the catwalk from the outside. This is extremely important when breeding venomous or aggressive animals in a house where there are children. An additional key is included.

The doors are tilted, which greatly facilitates access to the interior, has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the terrarium and allows you to stack terrariums.

The sides of the terrarium are made of mesh with narrow glass inserts.

The high-quality glass from which the side walls and the base are made is extremely transparent. This provides a perfect view of our favorite, without taking anything away from the aesthetics, without changing the colors of the decorations placed inside the catwalk and does not cause light to refract or create a lens effect.
The material from which the glass was made, in addition to aesthetic values, provides excellent protection against breakage during transport and everyday use.

The entire terrarium is placed on special stands, so there is no need to plant aquarium mats and allows you to put a heating mat under the terrarium.

The elements connecting the individual walls are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. This material is resistant to high temperature deformation, and high-quality varnish gives the whole a very attractive appearance.

The side and back can be replaced with a ventilation mesh, glass or other thermal insulation board according to seasonal requirements.

The side walls of the terrarium can be equipped with a steel mesh or put on glass.

There is a whole series of Repti-Zoo products dedicated to terrariums of the RK series. These are, m.in. Lighting fixtures, lamps, beams, ceramic frames, mats, foggers, handles and other accessories and devices that facilitate breeding.

The set includes:

- base (waterproof bottom) on the legs
- top frame
- mesh top cover
- lock with key
- cable pass-through
- 4 x mounting tubes
- 2 x side glass frames
- 2 x mounting rail sidewalls
- 2 x glass hinged door with frame
- 4 x screws + 4 x end caps + 6 x end caps for additional grommets
- side ventilation mesh
- 4 x glass side wall

The set does not include a wall visible in the pictures.

- the whole terrarium 60 x 45 x 60 cm
- maximum flooding of the waterproof bottom: 13cm


We send the terrarium only after payment to the account.

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Terrarium 60x45x60cm REPTI ZOO

Terrarium 60x45x60cm REPTI ZOO

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