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About us

Company data:
TerraSklep Piotr Moj
Parking 21 Myślina
46-380 Dobrodzień
Vat 5761491830
phone 790 369 790

TerraSklep is the fruit of many years of interest and experience in breeding various animals, especially tarantulas. My first page about tarantulas is www.mspider.republika.pl, it was both the first page I made also did not sin with beauty. I posted there various descriptions of spiders, photos and videos. Later, the www.ptaszniki.info website was created, which is still active today. On this page you can also find descriptions of species, photos. The next stage was to create a web store.terrasklep.pl, on the store you will find descriptions of tarantula species, the most frequently asked questions by novice spider breeders, photos, videos, articles and guides. We are constantly trying to ensure that TerraSklep has a full range of terrarium products. With our offer you can build a terrarium and fully equip it.

Our motto is "We have everything for the terrarium" and we stick to it.

We have very attractive prices, we limit the number of intermediaries as much as possible and we buy goods from the manufacturers themselves, thanks to which we can offer them at low prices.

On allegro you will find us under the nickname "terrasklep_pl", but I recommend buying on the store because there are lower prices here than on allegro.

Therefore, buy on the store and not on allegro. In addition, you collect loyalty points on the store, which you will exchange for PLN discounts.

In the "Terrarium Construction" tab you can find all the necessary materials needed to build a terrarium (in the Articles you will find a description of how to build a terrarium at home).

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer all your questions.