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Every novice breeder, when he decides to buy a tarantula, asks himself this question "Where to buy a tarantula?". There are several solutions:

Buying a tarantula in a stationary pet store


- you can personally go to the store and choose the tarantula yourself;

- saving on shipping costs;


- only a few pet stores offer tarantulas and even if they have them, the choice is negligible;

- very often I see errors in the names of spiders in pet stores, e.g. recently I saw Cyclosternum fasciatum sold as Chromatopelma cyanepubescens;

- the prices of tarantulas in stationary stores are terribly exorbitant, tarantulas are sometimes several times more expensive compared to the Internet.

Purchase of a tarantula on a terrarium exchange


- you can also personally choose a tarantula;

- prices on the exchanges are attractive although you have to be careful because sometimes you can overpay;


- stock exchanges are only in a few places in the country so access can be very unprofitable.

Purchase from a private breeder on the forum or allegro


- tarantulas are bred by many individuals and they often sell their breeding surpluses, you can buy spiders at good prices;


- purchase from a private person on a forum or allegro is associated with the risk of cheating, it is not uncommon to hear about such incidents. On the forums arachnea.org and terrarium.com.pl there are even posted data of people who cheat. It is impossible to recover money in such cases.

Purchase of tarantula in the online store


- the online store does not have large maintenance costs compared to a stationary store, therefore it can offer attractive prices;

- online stores, as a rule, are very limited to a specific field. A tarantula shop such as TerraSklep.pl is limited to tarantulas, scorpions, and terrarium equipment and accessories. Thanks to this, such a store offers a large selection, proven brands and valuable advice. Terrarium stores are run by people who like terraristics and have been dealing with it for years in contrast to standard pet stores, where the concept of tarantulas is very weak;

- the terrarium store is a legally operating company, so it is subject to certain requirements and must comply with the rights of the customer, e.g. the possibility of returning the goods up to 10 days from the date of purchase. Buying from a company is a safe purchase.

- on the Internet you can check the reviews of the store and decide on the purchase

- from the online store the customer receives a purchase document receipt / bill / invoice;


- purchases are sent in Polish or by courier, so the delivery time is from 1 to 3 days.