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  • Breeding exotic animals requires knowledge of their natural habitat. This is very important when building a terrarium and organizing equipment – the point is to provide the animal with the most favorable living conditions. The terrarium for the agama should be adapted to its lifestyle, that is, as closely as possible resemble the desert environment. The bearded agama is a reptile of relatively large size, therefore its terrarium should have dimensions of 120x80x80 cm. A long and spacious terrarium will provide adequate space and avoid many unpleasant consequences – above all, obesity and curvature

  • A terrarium for a gecko must reflect its natural habitat. Due to the fact that this reptile inhabits rocky and grassy areas, it is important to remember about the selection of the right substrate. This animal likes to stay in a dry climate – the temperature inside the lair should be around 30 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night. These lizards are very sociable, so it is good to breed them in pairs or in larger flocks. It is also worth providing them with the possibility of free paddock and a place to play – special hiding places, tree roots, natural and artificial lianas and skulls are used for this.

  • In our online store Terra Shop you will find a wide range of professional products that will help you plan and organize the breeding of exotic, tropical and other terrarium varieties in the right way. With us you will find solid products, imported from the best companies. A terrarium for a hedgehog is a place where this animal is provided with suitable breeding conditions. They should not be placed in cages, like hamsters and other rodents, because hedgehogs require them to be provided with the right temperature – 20 -27 degrees and a dry, warm environment, which can only be achieved in a closed terrarium.

  • A terrarium for a chameleon is a place that should be properly equipped – adjust the appropriate temperature, air humidity, lighting and choose the right size. These animals live in a tropical environment, often also inhabit desert areas. It is important that the reptile bed has the appropriate elements, such as: tree branches and plants. In our online store you can buy all the necessary accessories – we have ready-made rooms for breeding and parts from which you can build a terrarium yourself.

  • The terrarium for a snake – a royal python – which you can buy in our offer is a professional room that meets all the requirements of breeding this species of reptile. It has a tight closure and a housing made of black aluminum and glass. Young reptiles can be kept in rooms with dimensions of 40x20x20 cm, while the breeding of adult animals must take place in larger, larger beds – 100x60x50 cm. In our offer you will also find separate elements for creating a bed yourself. We have silicones, glass guides, perforated sheets and ventilation wheels.

  • A professionally equipped terrarium for a turtle must have a UVB fluorescent lamp and a heating bulb. This set should also be equipped with specialized fixtures that will protect against the situation of burns to the animal. What is also extremely important when organizing space for a reptile is the substrate. For turtles, coconut peat will be the best, but a mixture of sand with gravel and peat will also work well.

  • Terrariums of small size designed for breeding tarantulas, scorpions and insects.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items