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Very often it happens that we have Brachypelma and suddenly we find out that some documents are needed for them. Until a few years ago, no one required documents and there was no clear information on this subject. Besides, there weren't as many sites on the Internet from which you can find out. On stock exchanges, exhibitions and in shops Brachypelmy was sold without any documents. After this period, quite suddenly there began to appear cases of control by the Police of documents for possessed tarantulas. At the moment, it is already known that a document stating the legal origin of the spider is required on Brachypelmy. Such a document is a certificate issued by the District Veterinarian. So when buying any Brachypelma, demand such a document from the seller and if the seller does not have it, it is not worth exposing yourself to problems with the Police. I know from experience that the Police search the Internet and brachypelm sales offers and then carry out checks.

Returning to the question posed. What to do when we already have a Brachypelma tarantula but we do not have any document for it? It is known that we did not fly to Paraguay and did not bring a tarantula for PLN 5, but we live in Poland and even for a tiny spider worth a few pennies you need to have the appropriate documents. I will point out that in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany no documents for spiders are required. But Poland is so worried about spiders from South America that it has introduced this requirement. Because in Poland there are no other worries but the introduction of stupid recipes even for arachnids. In countries where these tarantulas live in the wild, indigenous people eat these spiders. More than once I have seen in nature programs, e.g. Barefoot through the world of Cejrowski how people bake and eat tarantulas. So there is no protection there, tarantulas live in the wild, there are so many of them that they are a delicacy of the local population and in Poland they are under protection and you need to have a separate document for each bird. But never mind because I went off topic again. We have a tarantula without documents, what to do? We could buy not consciously without documents. We can already have some time Brachypelmy and we are just learning about the documents. In the first case, it is simpler. Please contact the seller and request documents. If the seller does not have them, you should require a handwritten statement that the tarantula was sold / handed over on the day, place, data of the old and new owner, signatures. It is already some paper, which in case of anything can be shown during the inspection and try to defend yourself. First of all, in this case, we have the seller's data and in the event of a possible court hearing, he will be questioned. It may seem absurd to you, but there were such cases that the boy had a court case for selling a curly without papers on Allegro.

If we bought a spider in the store, the matter seems simpler because the store issues receipts and invoices so during the purchase we should get a receipt. It is very unlikely that in an ordinary pet store we will get a certificate of birth in captivity. Employees and owners of general pet stores have little knowledge of CITES and animals that require documents. If you got a receipt and threw it away, you can go to the store and ask for confirmation of the sale of the tarantula with the stamp and signature of the store employee. Such a document should be sufficient in the event of an inspection. And the fact that the owner of the store sells without a birth certificate is his problem.

And what to do when we no longer have contact with the person from whom we bought a tarantula or bought on the stock exchange and did not get a certificate? In such a situation, not much can be done. You can ask someone to issue a certificate if the breeder has this species of tarantula. However, you should certainly not put such a tarantula up for sale to the public because you can expose yourself to pleasure.