Hygrostat thermostat RINGDER THC-220 humidity and temperature control.

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Thermostat hygrostat THC-220 RINGDER



Full temperature and humidity control day and night.

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Humidity and temperature controller RINGDER THC-220.

They have two independent channels with a timer.

The first channel is used to connect the heating device, the daily temperature is set on it.

The second channel is used to control humidity, the required humidity is set during the day and night. For example, a fogger steam generator should be connected to the channel

Application example:

Channel 1- we connect the heating mat, daytime 6-18, set the temperature 30 degrees, set the operation from 18 to 6, set the temperature 24 degrees;

Channel 2 - connect the Repti fogger, daytime from 6:00 to 18 and humidity 70%, set the night time from 18 to 6 and humidity 85%.

Each of the channels has two modes of operation HEATING / COOLING and raising humidity /lowering humidity.

When the cooling mode is selected, the thermostat works in reverse, i.e. when we set 33 degrees and the temperature exceeds this value, the cooling device will be switched on. Analogously for humidity.

The thermostat allows you to program the full day-night cycle for a given animal as in the natural environment.

Features of the device:

  • large clear backlit LCD display
  • easy to program
  • can be installed in the aquarium cover or in the terrarium
  • allows you to reproduce the natural conditions of the environment, which promotes the health and well-being of the animal
  • suitable conditions are conducive to reproduction
  • allows you to program wintering
  • allows you to set a temperature alarm
  • memory settings after power failure

Technical parameters:

  • temperature programming in the range of 16-42 degrees
  • temperature resolution 0.1 degrees
  • temperature accuracy +/-1 degree
  • humidity programming in the range of 40-100%
  • humidity resolution 0,1 %
  • humidity accuracy +/-5%Timer 0-24h
  • power consumption <3W
  • maximum load power 1200W
  • WARRANTY 24mc
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Thermostat hygrostat THC-220 RINGDER

Thermostat hygrostat THC-220 RINGDER

Full temperature and humidity control day and night.

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