Lime without D3 SUPERCAL NoD 84g REPASHY

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Calcium supplement without vitamin D. Recommended for species kept in the open air, having access to natural sunlight or to high levels of UVB radiation from artificial light.

Note: Our calcium carbonate is extracted from the Mohave Desert in California, its deposits were formed 300 million years ago. It was created in very favorable conditions in shallow sea water. The skeletons were combined with precipitated calcium carbonate from the primordial sea. The deposits were then purified and metamorphosed by various natural geological processes, including high pressure and temperature. The deposits are a source of extremely pure, natural calcium carbonate, which makes it a truly unique raw material in food production, supplementation and in the pharmaceutical industry. He received FDA Food Grade Certified certification. Our calcium is a micropowder with a grain size of 3.5 microns, which makes it the best ground product on the market, which ensures the best "adhesion" to feed insects.

Composition: calcium carbonate.
Analysis: calcium min. 30% max. 32%.

Directions for use: This product does not contain vitamin D3 and should be the product of choice for species kept outdoors or subjected to daily high-intensity UVB irradiation. For species kept without daily natural sunlight or using moderate UVB irradiation, it is recommended to REPASHY SuperCal MeD. For therapeutic use or high-demand species, we recommend REPASHY SuperCal HyD. Insects are best placed in a plastic container, sprinkled with the preparation and stirred with a container so that the insects are covered with powder on their entire surface. Insects feed right away. For supplementation of fresh fruits and vegetables, use 1 heaped teaspoon per 1kg of feed. It is recommended to use superVite REPASHY in a 1:1 ratio for vitamin supplementation to ensure a balance of essential vitamins.

Package 500g

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Lime without D3 SUPERCAL NoD 500g REPASHY

Lime without D3 SUPERCAL NoD 500g REPASHY

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